HeaterReader - Smart & Simple Pool Control


This is what a few of our HeaterReader fans have to say: 

"I love the product. It is simple to use and effective." - Chris S. - A Pool Industry Professional from Indiana, USA

"So compact and easy to install. Been using it since May and love it!! The fuel tracker is an awesome feature but the best part is being able to crank up the heat from my phone on the way home from work. It simply works." - Chris T. - Ontario, Canada

"Totally unique product. I will recommend to everyone" - Shane S. - Florida, USA

"Have to say, the HeaterReader was an awesome investment for us. We have a 4 season plunge pool and the ability to turn the temp up and down without going outside is pretty cool!" - Bill M. - Ontario, Canada

"Bought the HeaterReader online and it only cost $275 to have it installed! So pumped! Thanks for creating such a great little product at a price I can afford." - Jamie S. - Ohio, USA

"The App is awesome. Everything about this product is simple and easy. Love it." - - Wendy P. - California, USA

"Thank you HeaterReader Team. Best part for me is I used to be constantly pre-occupied with whether my heater was working or not. Now, I don't think about it all. I know it will tell me if there is a problem so I don't have to keep checking. Fantastic." Eric C. - British Columbia, Canada

"The HeaterReader changed my life. No joke! Living in the U.K., I used to have to send the neighbour to turn on the pool heater at my rental property when I had a family coming. Now I can do it myself, adjust it as I need to and I know if there is problem before the renter does. I was quoted $3500 for something that couldn't do what the HeaterReader does at a fraction of the cost. Great value and great peace of mind" - Stan J. - England, United Kingdom

....and so many more!

Join the trend of pool owners who have already made the decision to choose the HeaterReader... and are so happy they did!  


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